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I have about 30 years of experience in the field of Amateur Radio operations (also known as Ham Radio) covering the areas of administration, conducting dx-peditions, training and demonstrations, establishing Amateur radio Stations, liasion with government departments etc.

The Amateur Radio which started as a hobby turned to be a passion. It's almost 30 years since I started operating Radio. On an average I have more than five lakh contacts to my logbook during these two decades with Amateur Radio.

I had the opportunity to work with Andhra Pradesh Amateur Radio Society in 1980 and later National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR a premier institution in promoting Amateur Radio activities in India) as a founder member since its inception in 1985 (website is www.niar.org).

I am a active ham operator from Delhi and is in constant touch with Indian Hams & Dx Hams in all Amateur Radio Bands with different modes like Voice, CW & Digital Communication including PSK, Echo link etc.

I have actively participated in different social events such as Asian Games, CHOGAM, etc., for providing communication through Amateur Radio.

I have participated in Disaster Management communication and helped the local administration in the relief work in the past two and half decades. To name a few the super cyclone of Orissa in 1999, Gujarat earthquake in 2001, Latur earthquake in 1988, 2004 Tsunami in Andaman & Nicobar Islands etc.

An emergency radio communication network was developed in coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh by NIAR in early 1990s through World Bank aid with which I was also associated.

I have been promoting activity of HAM radio by undertaking training programs for the benefit of various sections of the society.

I have been instrumental in promoting different amateur radio club stations in the country like Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Amateur Radio Club, Ridge Amateur Radio Club of Army Signals, Bharath Scouts & Guides Amateur Radio Club etc., in New Delhi and S & T Amateur Radio Club Station - Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and NCC,Delhi etc.,

I was the secretary for Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Amateur Radio Club for three years and I have been working as an Honorary Wireless Adviser to the Bharath Scouts & Guides (NHQ). I am working regularly on JOTA and JOTI in BSG HQ in New Delhi. Recently I have helped BSG in establishing two more club stations one each in Gajipuri in Haryana and Noida in UP.

I did a project with the disaster management unit of CARE - India for promoting emergency communication through Ham Radio.

I had participated in various Dx-peditions on amateur radio communication since 1983. My first Dx-pedition was to Lakshadweep Islands in 1983, followed by Andaman Dx-pedition in 1987 and 2004 & 2006 and Lakshdweep in 2007.

During my Dx-pedition in Andamans in December 2004, Tsunami struck the Andamans and I stopped the dx pedition activity and turned the same in to emergency communication service through amateur radio helping local public and local government. World Press highlighted the services provided by my team during this period and the famous CNN Internationalchannel made a documentary on amateur radio emphasizing the role of small technologies that came handy during emergencies.

This has assumed enormous significance in amateur radio circles of the world and our services were recognized by various amateur radio societies including ARRL of USA, RSGB of UK, DARC of Germany, JARL of Japan etc.

I have received the following awards in recognition of my services in amateur radio field over last two and half decades:

• World wide Dxer in the year 1987 from Dx Association of New Orleans, USA; My name appeared in Limca Records book in 1987 in recognition of Andaman Dx-pedition;

• Ambassador on air award from NIAR in 1988; • DxCC award from American Amateur Radio League (ARRL), USA in 1987;

• Special achievement award from Dayton Hamvention, Ohio, USA in 2005 in recognition of outstanding performance in the field of Amateur Radio;

• W.Sandy Lynch Memorial Award 2004 by TIARA, Japan in recognition of outstanding performance in the field of Amateur Radio;

• Gold award 2005 from National Institute of Amateur radio in recognition of tsunami relief activities in A&N Islands;

• 2005 International Humanitarian Award by ARRL, USA in recognition of services provided during Tsunami in Andaman & Nicobar Islands;

• Certificate of appreciation from German Dx foundation (GDXF) recognizing the services provided during Tsunami operations;

• Certificate of Appreciation from Union Communication Minister Dr. Dayanidhi Maran VU2DMK, Govt. of India;

• My name also appeared in ARRL’s hall of fame USA;

• Dx-pedition of the year 2006-2007 from USA in recognition of Dx-pedition to Minicoy Islands

• I have visited USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. in relation to Amateur Radio activities and participated in various seminars/work shops etc.

• I have conducted a number of training programmes and ham demonstrations for students, government officials, different voluntary organizations like American Red Cross, Indian Red Cross, BSG etc., in the past 30 years.

• In this background, the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS), London invited me to read out a testimony on 8th March 2010in the Westminster Abbey on the occasionof Commonwealth Observance day highlighting my experiences in the field of Amateur Radio and spread of science and technology in the society using simple technologies in the presence of HM Queen Elizabeth, Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, Ambassadors of Commonwealth Nations, School Children, Media etc. During this event I had the opportunity to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Officials of RCS &Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).


• I would like to inform to everyone that i have received The Thank award from Her Excellency Smt Pratibha Patil ,the President of India in recognition with the ham radio work done at Bharath Scouts and guides , New Delhi on 14th July 2010.


Now, ask your doubts directly from Mrs.Bharathi........

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