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Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Electronics And Communication Engineering
2013 – 2017

Advice for Contacting AYUSH and SHWETA

Internships and Jobs in the field of Electronics And Communication, Industrial Training in the same, Workshop for undergraduate.

Internships / Training/ Fellwoships

 Have selected as the pre-finalists of IOT Innovation Challenge, sponsored by
NASSCOM. (Group Id: IOT-2016-012).
 Undergoing internship under IIT Delhi on Robot Simulation and Designing for the project on Driverless Car.
 Undergoing 6 month internship under Solid State Physics Labs (SSPL), and LASER Science & Technology Center DRDO.
 Working on the patent research under G B Pant Engineering College,IP University, Delhi.
 Successfully completed 6 weeks training on Photomask Fabrication and IOT Controlled LASER based wall under Solid State Physics Labs (SSPL), DRDO and LASER Science & Technology Center DRDO.
 Successfully completed online training on wireless robotic arm designing.
 Successfully Completed training on TV White Space Technology and antenna designing under Sr. Director B M Baveja, DeitY, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.
 Industrial Internship at ATM (Automated Teaching Machine)startup ,Delhi University.
 Training on Power Line Carrier Communication, Shristi Metals Pvt. Ltd.
 Industrial training on embedded and robotics from HP education ,Noida

Project Work

 Project on “Itty Bitty Telescope” under IEEE/MTTS.
 Project on “NASA Radio Jove” under IEEE/MTTS.
 “Design of Test Structures for fabrication of Photo masks for SAW Devices” under
“IOT Controlled LASER Based Intruder Alarm System” under LASTEC Lab,DRDO.
 “TV White Space Technology” under Ministry Of Communication and Information
Technology, Govt. Of India.
 “Antenna Selection for TV White Space Technology” under Ministry Of
Communication and Information Technology, Govt. Of India.
 Project on PCB Manufacturing using the process of etching from ATM robotics
 “Mobile controlled robot via UART/USART” under Hewlett-Packard Education.

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